• Medición electrostática

Static Measuring

If you are dealing with static charge, then there is usually a need to know how high that charge is and which polarity it has.

Measuring instruments can help you to make the invisible phenomenon static charge visible.

When is it useful to measure static charge?

  • For locating the source of static charge   
  • After a neutralisation system to measure the effectiveness or to actively  control the ionisation 
  • As quality control to give a guarantee to your customer  
  • As control after a static charger

How can you measure static charge?

There are 2 ways:

In order to determine if and where there is a static charge, an electrostatic fieldmeter FMX-004 can be used. Herewith the electric field strength can be measured at a set distance without contact.

The Sensor IQ Easy offers even more options.
It delivers measurement values  to devices in an IQ Easy system so that they can be actively regulated depending on the measured values. Furthermore, the measured values can be logged via the Manager IQ Easy for further evaluation. This gives you a unique tool to control your process and capture process parameters for quality control.