• Sensor IQ Easy

16 Segmento de medida

Purga de presión para mantener limpios los sensores

Hasta 5 m de longitud

Registro de datos


A sensor that measures the electrostatic charge of a web can be added to the IQ Easy platform. The Sensor IQ Easy is a bar type device that can hold op to 16 sensor heads. Each sensor head can be placed on a strategical position across the web to monitor the electrostatic charge. All data of each sensor head is communicated to the Manager IQ Easy and stored for process monitoring. For dirty environments or for precautionary protection of the sensor heads, the Sensor IQ Easy bar is equipped with a compressed air connection. Using only a very low pressure and air volume dirt entering the orifice of the sensors is prevented. Anti static bars or charging generators in the system can act on data received from a sensor. This makes it possible to control the static charge level on the web in real time using a closed loop feed back and correction routine. Data received from the Sensor heads can also be used for quality control and process monitoring. It can be retrieved from the Manager IQ Easy through the standard Ethernet port.

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  • Ensures a very low residual charge on a product or material web
  • Full web width charge monitoring
  • Up to 16 sensors
  • Air purge to keep sensors clean
  • Universal mounting brackets

especificaciones técnicas

Working distance25 - 60 mm
Housing material(Reinforced) plastic
CableLow voltage cable
ConnectorStandard M12 5 pins male
Weight1,5 kg/m
Ambient temperature0 - 55 °C
Use circumstancesIndustrial
Input power24 V DC, <0,5A (8 sensors)
24 V DC, <1A (16 sensors)
Indication3 LED's (Power, Warning, Alarm)
Measuring range± 40kV
OptionsAir purge to keep sensors clean 1-16 sensors
Max. pressure1 bar

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