Demo truck on ICE Europe 2019

The Demotour starts on March 12, 2019 at the world's leading trade fair for the conversion of paper, film and foil, ICE Europe in Munich.  Visit our demo truck on booth 1534 in hall A5 to see a complete simulation of static control in a production process!


Static control is an essential part of the conversion line. In production processes, static charge can often be a severe disruption, as it means that materials get stuck to machine parts or to each other. Operators don’t like getting electric shocks, dust in the surrounding area is attracted by the electric charge and even in explosionhazardous zones, static charge can cause a spark, which in turn can cause a fire or even an explosion!

The simulation in the demo truck not only shows how to deal with static electricity problems in a production process, it also shows how static control can help improve quality and efficiency, speed up production and reduce waste. 

The simulation: a perfect imitation machinery

The simulation consists of a flat extrusion, coating (ATEX) and a wrapping machine. In this perfect imitating machinery are components included that ensure complete control of static electricity. Static control products that always works reliable and with the optimum performance ensures that the process runs free of stoppages.

Products like: IQ Easy Manager, Sensor IQ Easy, Performax IQ Easy Ex and the ThunderION IQ 2.0. All products of the IQ Easy platform, an intelligent static control system. 

Connecting the Sensor IQ Easy, placed downstream, to the anti-static bar Performax IQ Easy provides a feature called Closed Loop Feedback (CLFB). This enables the anti-static bar to regulate its performance to accommodate to the situation and react in closed loop to reach a static charge level as close to zero as possible.

All parameters, settings, actions and measured values are logged and stored in the memory for 14 days. Everything can be monitored live on the display or accessed through Ethernet or USB. Documenting all process parameters no longer involves manual labour, minimising the risk of errors and saving costs.

Efficiency indication, ionisation current, actual output voltages and measured static electricity levels provide the information to enable the process to run reliably and to plan maintenance. Various alarm levels can be set to give early indications before static levels reach the stage that would evoke a machine stoppage.

"The chain is as strong as the weakest link" 

Each step in the process adds value to the end product and incurs additional costs and time. A high static electricity charge may reduce the quality of the product. It can cause a problem in the next step in the process or when it reaches the customer on their production. These problems can take the form of slower machine speeds, unwinding problems, damaged material, dust attraction just to name a few.

Dependable static control systems, with early warnings and traceability, will enable it to control your process. Instead of spending huge amounts of time backtracking to find the cause of a problem, early warnings create the opportunity to change conditions before the problem is even created. If backtracking is necessary all components in the system have a history log of all actions and parameters, giving you rapid access to possible inconsistencies, locating the source in a fraction of the time.

The logging data can provide valuable additional information about the process not directly related to static electricity. For example, increased static levels or increased ionization currents may give an indication that other process conditions have changed.

Easy to install

The IQ Easy system is easy to install and maintain. All components use a standardised mounting bracket and a standard M12 cable. The cable includes the 24V DC power supply to the equipment as well as the communication lines.

Every possible fault with any component will be indicated making the system to be the most reliable static control system available.

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